We can’t do magic, but we can teach you how to significantly improve your chances to get pregnant by timing your intercourse. It’s a question of  knowing when you are the most fertile. Close to 90% of fertile couples fall pregnant within 6 months when they time intercourse during their peak fertility.

You think that you know when you are ovulating, but to everyone’s surprise it’s a big chance that you are wrong. Researchers found that only 12.7% of women estimate their ovulation time correctly and only 27% estimated their ovulation within the peak of fertility.74% of Kiwi women who go to fertility clinics to see a specialist don’t know when the fertile time occurred in their menstrual cycle.


Nearly 90% of fertile couples conceive within 6 months when using the method we teach

Only in about 30% of women the fertile window is on days between 10 and 17

Even if your cycles are regular, it doesn’t mean that you are ovulating on the same day each month. Only in about 30% of women the fertile window is on days between 10 and 17. Surprisingly, most women reach their fertile window earlier and others much later in their menstrual cycle. The timing of your fertile window can be highly unpredictable, even if your cycles are usually regular.

Are you having intercourse on the most fertile days?

Learn fertility awareness (sympto-thermal) method with us. This method is scientifically proven, easy to use and 100% natural. We will show you how to recognise your own fertile signs. You will learn how to understand your own unique cycle. You will learn how not to miss the fertile window and time your intercourses, increasing your chances to conceive.

Take control of your own body! Learn how your cycle works.

Our fertile window prediction method is

And what if I don’t conceive in 6-12 months?

Information that you will collect about your cycle, your fertile signs and intercourse timing will help you to make informed decisions if the problems arise. You will be able to tell your specialist details that no test will ever detect so accurately. You will know if you are ovulating, when and if your luteal phase is long enough. All this without terrifying blood tests and long hours/days of waiting for results.

We know that trying to conceive is a stressful business. Knowing your body will reduce the stress. Take control and make an appointment with us today!

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