Selenium linked to female fertility

We know that selenium is important for male fertility. Selenium role for female fertility was unknown. The research team, led by Associate Professor Hugh Harris and Professor Ray Rodgers from University of Adelaide, was able to pinpoint exactly where selenium is located in the ovary for the first time.

The findings are important, because they show that selenium and selenoproteins are at elevated levels in large, healthy ovarian follicles. Selenium plays a critical role as an antioxidant during the late stages of follicle development, helping to lead to a healthy environment for the egg.

Researchers found that selenoprotein was significantly higher – in some cases double – in egg cells that yielded a pregnancy.

For women trying to conceive researches don’t advice to take selenium supplements. Selenium in high doses can be toxic. The advice is to eat  good variety diet rich in protein (meats, seafood) and nuts. Apparently one Brasil nut holds a daily dose of selenium.