Voltaren stops your back pain and ovulation?

If you suffer from back, neck pain while trying to conceive, you should look into natural pain relief options, like acupuncture.

The results of a new study are alarming. It found that Voltaren (diclofenac), Naxen (naproxen) and Arcoxia (etoricoxib) significantly inhibit ovulation in women with mild musculoskeletal pain. Of the women receiving NSAIDs, only 6.3 percent (Voltaren), 25 percent (Naxen) and 27.3 percent (Arcoxia) ovulated, compared with 100 percent of the control group.

The inhibited ovulation is thought to be temporary — stopping use of medicine will reverse the problem.

Earlier research demonstrated that ibuprofen like all non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) has an effect on ovulation.

Acupuncture is effective not only in reducing musculoskeletal pains, but it can optimise your chances of conception. Read more how acupuncture can improve your fertility here:  http://infertility-acupuncture.info/